Item #515236 Hiroshima Bombardment. Rene Mederos Artist.

Hiroshima Bombardment

Cuba: OSPAAAL, 1968. Softcover. 13" x 21." Offset color lithograph poster printed on low quality newsprint-like paper. Original 1968 propaganda poster published by the Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia Africa and Latin America [OSPAAAL], an organization founded in Havana, Cuba in 1966 as a political movement to fight imperialism and defend human rights. The group produced revolutionary propaganda posters in Spanish, English, French and Arabic that were sent to subscribers around the world.

Poster depicts a close-up section of the photograph by Shomei Tomatsu entitled 'Hibakusha Tsuyo Kataoka', Nagasaki, 1961. The poster advertises memorializing August 6th as the anniversary of the bombardment of Hiroshima.

Rare. **OCLC** lists one [1] holding at the University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign.

From its foundation until the mid-1980s, OSPAAAL produced brightly colored propaganda posters promoting their cause. The poster was the response to a fundamental aim: supporting the struggle of the freedom movements. Financial difficulty and ink shortages due to the US embargo against Cuba pushed the artists and printers to find ingenious solutions with unorthodox outcomes, and ultimately forced the organization to stop producing these posters. Very Good condition with a few very light creases and a couple of unobtrusive short closed tears.

A statement on OSPAAAL poster condition:

Flaws like small tears, creasing and pinholes are very common in OSPAAAL posters due to a combination of the low quality paper used for printing, humid/hot weather in the poster's place of origin and sub-optimal poster handling and storage over time.

It is difficult to find an original 60s or 70s OSPAAAL poster unfolded and in pristine condition. With most titles, the number printed was very limited and, except for a selected group of collectors, most were disposed of them by dressing walls or recycling. Only a fraction have survived. Item #515236

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